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Throw Pillow Covers

Great Throw Pillow Covers

Many people always thought that pillow covers are just like common pillowcase that is used with bed pillows. A pillow cover should not be confused with the common pillowcase that is used with bed pillows. While both devices are used to provide protection to pillows, pillowcases feature an open end that remains open at all times. A pillow cover will provide a complete encasement of the pillow, with no end remaining open. A throw pillow, which is also known as a toss pillow, is a small and decorative kind of pillow. In many parts of the world, these products are typically called cushions. Throw pillows are often put on sofas or chairs or beds.  These pillows have the function of being both aesthetic and serving a practical purpose.

Pillow covers are made from fabric that protects the pillow inside the cover. They design the pillow cover includes with a zippered opening at one end, that can helps us to insert a pillow in a simple process. Many variation of the zipper design is an overlapping slit in the middle of the pillow cover.

There are decorative and functional forms of the pillow cover in common use. The practical pillow cover has a simple padded construction that is can be washed by hand or in a washing machine. Often made of cotton or similar durable materials, this type of pillow cover is often used with bed pillows. The pillow is inserted into the cover and the cover is zipped shut. The combination of the pillow and the pillow cover is then slipped into a pillowcase. The pillow cover is also utilized with throw pillows as well. With this application, the pillow cover is constructed of heavier material and used to provide a colorful protecting cover for occasional pillows used on sofas and chairs. Like the pillow cover used for bed pillows, a throw pillow cover can also be washed and reused. Because the covers come in many colors and patterns, many people employ them to dress up a room for seasonal and holiday changes.

It is not a difficult task to find the right pillow cover. There are many types designed for use on bed pillows in any discount retail store. Pillow covers designed for use with throw pillows are found in upscale bed and bath shops. You can also use pillow covers designed by decorators. As a useful device to protect pillows as well as a great decorating accent, the pillow cover offers a great deal of versatility for very little money. You just have to choose the best suit throw pillow covers for you.


Here are some throw pillow covers review I got :

Decorative Modern Orangered Throw Pillow Cover

Colorful, look great with my mid-century stuff, elegant, pretty.

Brown Ocean – Decorative Pillow Covers – Silk Pillow Cover with Pintucks

Attractive, hand crafted, competitive price, beautiful design.

Orange Creamsicle Collection – Boutique Square and Lumbar Throw Pillow Covers – Damask and Polka Dots – Orange and Cream Hues – 1 Pillow Cover

Affordable, gorgeous, high quality.

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