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DIY Holiday Throw Pillows and Graphic Tee Shirt | thediyplanet

Hey guys! This is Kate and you’re watching thediyplanet.

So, this is my first video for my Christmas DIY series.

For your information, it’s only 83 days left till Christmas day.

I can't wait, i am so excited.

I can't wait to drive around and see christmas lights everywhere.

Honestly, Christmas last year is not really fun or anywhere near that word.

I didn’t know why, but the Christmas spirit didn’t come over me not until it was December 25 already.

Yes, we had a party.

We gave gifts to our friends, relatives and families.

Just simple gifts to make them happy.

I think it was because my cousins who used to organize our yearly parties left for abroad to be OFWs.

and it was because I miss them so it ruined my Christmas spirit.

Anyways, I will try to make this year a little different from the last.

I will fill our house with cute Christmas decors and cute Christmas DIY Decors.

so that I will be able to feel the Christmas spirit and i will be able to enjoy the Christmas season.

In this video, we will be creating throw pillows, a graphic tee shirt So, let’s get started.

For the holiday diy video, you will need: Fabric paint or textile paints Cutter/Exacto knife, Scissors (make sure they’re sharp) and some stencils which I printed then I cut out this is totally optional, but you can use glue stick for to ensure that the stencil stencil sticks to the cloth This will involve sewing.

You can use a sewing machine or just sew it by hand.

Whichever will do.

We will start by preparing our throw pillows and removing the current sheets because we will be creating new ones.

You’ll need to cut three pieces of fabric.

Measure your pillow.

Mine was 13 x 13 inches, so I cut one piece of fabric that was 2 inches longer on each side so it becomes 15 x 15 inches Cut two smaller pieces that will eventually form the envelope.

You want them the same, height but shorter in width by about 5 inches.

So for my 13 x 13 pillow, I cut two 15 x 10 inch pieces of fabric.

Lay down the large pieces on the bottom and then layer the two other pieces on top.

This is just to get a sense of what your final pillow will look like.

Trim any edges so that the four sides of the square are pretty matched up.

On each of the smaller envelope pieces you’ll create a nice finished seam on one of the longer sides.

With the backside of the fabric facing upwards, fold a 1/2 inch of fabric down then iron it flat.

Do the same for the smaller pieces of fabric.

After the finished seams are done you’ll lay down the larger piece with the right side facing up.

Then place one of the smaller pieces on top, right side down.

Place the last small piece on top of that right side down.

Now start sewing all of the four sides of the pillowcase.

The middle flaps are left open to get the pillow insert in and out.

Sew 5/8ths of an inch around the perimeter.

Then you're done.

Then we are going start designing the pillows.

You will start by taking out your stencils.

My first stencil is ‘baby it’s cold outside’, a Jack Skellington face, then a deer, then 'a thrill of hope the weary world rejoices'.

Also, take out your cutter and start cutting on the outline.

Make sur eto do this slowly.

Also don't forget to leave out the insides of the letters.

Lastly, it’s painting time.

Take out your fabric paint and the sponge.

Some popsicle sticks and a mixing plate.

Don’t forget to place a barrier inside the pillowcase so the paint wouldn’t go through the back of the sheet.

Then place your stencil over the pillowcase and make sure it’s on the center.

Take out your glue stick and then start gluing the enges of your stencil to ensure that this wouldn't move while dabbing the sponge on the stencil.

Also you can place tape on the edges so the paint wouldn't go out of the stencil.

Start placing the paint on the mixing plate and just dab your sponge onto the paint then slowly dab them to the shirt.

Make sure to do this slowly so it wouldn’t smudge or get wrecked after and ensure best results.

Do the same steps with the rest of the pillowcases and then you're done.

With the same steps and materials, I will also be doing this on a plain white shirt.

Cut out your stencil and just start painting.

Peel out your stencil.

Make sure to do this slowly.

Then take out your brush, the smallest size possible, and fill out the parts you missed.

Leave it out for a few minutes until it's completely dry and then you're done.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this video.

Thank you for watching.

Try them out and let me see your different versions.

I hope you enjoy your holidays.

Stay tuned and watchout for my next video.

See you on my next video.


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